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Relationships require continuous work, and countless couples are unsure of how to effectively communicate when their relationship is in trouble. Instead of facing their issues, couples might become distant and, in the end, this can result in divorce, or the end of a loving relationship. Marriage counselling, or relationship counselling, may help you and your partner to address issues in your relationship – while also discussing your individual needs – and this could in turn save your partnership.

Through our practice, Lauren Moore Counselling, we offer reliable marriage counselling in Cape Town. We have worked with a diverse range of couples over the years and will guide you and your partner to uncover the reason for certain issues in your relationship to encourage reconciliation. Through collaboration, interaction and attentive listening, you may be able to enjoy a happy, understanding and loving relationship once again.

All relationships require time and attention to flourish, and through therapy, you and your partner will have clarity on each other’s thoughts and needs as far as your relationship is concerned.

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What to expect during couples counselling:

The divorce statistics in South Africa are alarmingly high and more and more couples are seeking help to save their relationships. One of the main reasons why couples refuse to partake in counselling, is that they are unsure of what to expect. To put your mind at ease, here is some information on what relationship or marriage counselling entails:

Firstly, you will be assessed as a couple to develop an understanding of where you are in your relationship, and to recognise the areas of concern. The first session might therefore not focus solely on your relationship troubles, but on your relationship as a whole – as your counsellor, I want to know about the good, the bad, the past, the present and future, as this may give an indication of the reason for your current issues. The initial assessment might take up at least one or two therapy sessions.

From here on…

We will work to identify your relationship issues and its causes so that it may be resolved. If effective, you may soon be enjoying a healthy and happy partnership again. One thing to note, however, is that couples therapy requires work and dedication – if you put the time and effort into the sessions, you are more likely to achieve the desired results.

To make an appointment for relationship or marriage counselling in Cape Town, please contact us via phone or email.