An (HPCSA) registered therapy practice

At Lauren Moore Counselling, our mission is to offer solace and support to individuals and couples alike. Whether you are able to attend in person sessions at our practice and safe space in Blouberg, Cape Town or miles away, our virtual therapy is able to assist you on your healing journey, reachable through a secure therapy specific online video call platform.

Within our practice, you’ll find a team of compassionate individuals, each a registered and accredited counsellor with the HPCSA. Together, we strive to create a space of safety and understanding, where your well-being is cherished above all else.

Every step of your journey with us is guided by tender care and personalized attention. We recognize the uniqueness of your path to healing and honour it with gentle guidance and unwavering support.

Your mental health is precious, and we hold it in the highest regard. So, take that first step with us towards a brighter tomorrow. Let us be your companions on this sacred voyage to a happier and healthier you.

Welcome to Lauren Moore Counselling, where we hope your therapy can aid you on the journey to the life of your wildest dreams.


Offering Face to Face and Online Sessions!

A counsellor’s promise is to walk beside you on your journey, offering a compassionate ear, a non-judgmental heart, and unwavering support.
Together, we navigate challenges, celebrate triumphs, and foster the resilience within you. Your well-being is our commitment

Our Approach

Our therapeutic approach is characterized by a commitment  to recognizing the distinct needs of each individual client or couple and then tailoring our therapy to those needs. Each therapist brings a unique style. While our overarching style is integrative, we frequently draw from person-centred theory, cognitive behavioural therapy, and attachment theory.

Mindfulness holds a significant place in our therapy sessions. We believe that through mindfulness, clients can pause, reflect, and enhance their self-awareness, self-compassion, and acceptance. Our goal is to guide you in recognizing self-defeating behaviours and supporting you on the transformative journey of embracing positive change. We are dedicated to helping you foster a deeper understanding of yourself and navigate the path towards the positive transformation you desire.

Our practice takes great pride in being an inclusive and welcoming space. We want you to enter our sessions with the assurance that we fully accept you as you are. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to being LGBTQ-friendly, ensuring a supportive and affirming environment for everyone.

Business Hours

09.00AM - 7.00PM
09.00AM - 7.00PM
09.00AM - 7.00PM
09.00AM - 7.00PM
10.00AM - 15.00PM
09.00AM - 15.00PM

Our Reviews

Chido Maria


Lauren has been an absolute lifeline for me over the years. In person 🛋️ or remotely 🌍 her impact has been evident in my life. I have grown and healed so much since I started my sessions with her. I always feel safe to talk about anything, and after each session I’m left feeling so much “lighter” about anything I’m dealing with. Lauren has given me the tools to not only navigate the rain 🌧️ and the sunshine ☀️ in my life- but to appreciate both by changing my perspective. Her compassionate guidance has helped me navigate some of life’s toughest challenges. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone seeking genuine support and understanding. Eternally grateful to have crossed paths with Lauren’s Services.

Zaskia Smit


Honestly was so daunting to go in the beginnning due to my own projections, but ended up
providing me with a safe space and all the tools I could need for the challenges I was facing,
Chante’ was an absolute essential part of my grieving journey and without her at Lauren Moore Counselling
I don’t think I would be where I am today. Highly-Highly recommend. And I definitely see myself going
back in the mists of future challenges.

Nicola Cupido


One of my best discussions was to reach out to Lauren Moore. She has made me feel heard and
supported from the start. I would 100% recommend Lauren Moore Counselling, to anyone going
through anything. One of the most compassionate and empathetic counsellors I’ve had.
I also felt empowered and completely free. I would highly recommend if you need help, to reach out.
She is really amazing and organised. It’s worth it!

She is so caring and kind and has made such a big impact. I am truly grateful for all of her support
and help. She was an instrumental part of my healing journey.

Gloria Pattichides


I would like to thank Chante for all her support and care provided and still continues to deliver after
every session. As each session ends, I have a clearer understanding of things.
All the information and tools provided by Chante’s expertise and professionalism are very valuable to me,
I trust that I am in good hands and feel very comfortable to open up to Chante so that I can become
a better version of myself. Thank you for your dedication to your clients and your nurturing support
Chante, I am grateful that I found Lauren Moore Counselling look forward to my continued journey with you.

Annika Wehrle


I am struggling with a long-term illness and got to the point where I felt like I needed help to deal with it mentally. I decided to contact Lauren after having read her reveiws here and I am so glad that I did! She is kind, caring, empathetic and helped me immensely with advice on how to deal with the “bad” phases I was going through and also other things that came up during our sessions. I am so happy to have found her and it is comforting to know that should anything else come up in the future that she is just a zoom-call away (coming from someone who has never done therapy before and was always sceptical on how it could “help me”). Highly recommended!

Tammy Wittstock


“Chante makes you feel welcome, safe and comfortable, would definitely recommend her” – Tammy Wittstock
Its part of our story! A safe place where our clients are free to be themselves and find solace in whatever they discover throughout their healing journey!

We’re a cash practice.

We are a cash practice. Our practice is aligned with medical aid rates. As a cash practice you are responsible for settling your account with us in full. You can then use your receipt to claim back from your medical aid.

Our online sessions are conducted through a secure therapy specific video platform. We work with both local and international clients and are able to accept payment in ZAR, Pound/Sterling and EURO.

To make an appointment with a reliable and experienced therapist, contact Lauren Moore Counselling, today.

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